Juneteenth, June 19, 2021

Online conference

Image of Kim Crayton looking down and smiling



Kim Crayton, the Antiracist Economist, is forging a path to welcoming and psychological safety, in systems, institutions, and policies, at scale.

She is known for coaching tech leaders, in companies and non-profits, for improving profitability and innovation, by operationalizing core organizational values and identifying hidden barriers to inclusion.

Whether in the role of business strategist, entrepreneur, educator, consultant, writer, public speaker, mentor, organizational anthropologist, trainer or curriculum designer, Kim is always in search of inventive approaches that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to intentionally, skillfully, and strategically create environments which support the sharing of common attitudes, interests, and goals. To that end, she created the Guiding Principles:

  1. Tech is Not Neutral, Nor is it Apolitical
  2. Intention without Strategy is Chaos
  3. Lack of Inclusion is a Risk/Crisis Management Issue
  4. Prioritize the Most Vulnerable

Other specific community development experience:

  • 7 #causeascene conferences
  • #causesascene podcast episode 78,000+ downloads
  • 15,000 twitter followers

Sponsorship Covers

  • Speaker Fees
  • Closed Captioning (accessibility)
  • Video
  • Opportunity Grant
    • Donate tickets to marginalized folk who can’t afford them
  • Lead Generation / Capture
    • Aggregated
    • Folx can opt-in if they want to receive specific sponsor information after event
    • Folx can opt-in for demographic information after event

Goal: 5 sponsor packages

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